Two precious interviews with SHINee
- on Friendships, Ambitions, Excitement for new album
- on Losing Weight?

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SHINee Comeback - "First Place on Digital Music Sites, Very Nervous Every Morning".

Where has the dongsengs who used to sing "Noona, you are so pretty" gone? Right from the start when we stepped into the building, SHINee's manly beauty that greeted us is definitely different from the image of 'Juliette' promotion period in June. Even though it's just 2 months after 'Juliette's last official broadcast, SHINee has made very obvious transformation.

We have always been manly (laughs), there are not as many restrictions this time to things like the concept of the album, so we are very happy to be able to show a new image of us. (JONGHYUN)
In the future, we will uncover our potential and present to everyone even more different looks. (KEY)

On 16th at KBS 2TV Music Bank was the first stage of Third Mini Album title track 'RING DING DONG', SHINee has received unusually enthusiastic response, and even managed to dethrone Leessang who has been occupying the first place spot on various online music sites. SHINee who has risen to first place looks excited in every interview.

It's the first time that we are first on online music charts. The symbol in front of our name is not that of a rising arrow but rather that of a consistently number one symbol. Every morning when we think about this we are very excited. (JONGHYUN)

SHINee who has been viewed as the strongest newcomer last year has already debuted for two years, and has managed to shake off the title of being SM's youngest group. Jonghyun and Taemin who have known each other for 4 years, are also members who have known each other the longest. We wonder if they have changed much from the first time they met each other.

Hearing this question, SHINee members expressed in unison while exchanging looks that "there are no major transformation in terms of their looks". The members also said that "Jonghyun's height has also remained unchanged". Even though it's teasing, but through their jokes we can see the friendship that they have built over time.

“I never thought of seeing Jonghyun hyung turn 20 years old. He was only in his third year of junior high school when I first met him. After I got to my third year of junior high, all the hyungs have already become legal." (TAEMIN)
It's very good to be able to see how each of us matures, but at the same time, I am happy that we still managed to retain a lot of how we were like when we first met each other. (JONGHYUN)

Being the youngest group means that they will also be seen as cute, but even though this position is now taken by their hoobae group, F(X), they do not feel that it's a pity. When talking about their hoobaes, they do not bother to conceal their excitement, and it feels like they are oppas who are very proud of their dongsengs.

“We now seem to be able to understand how Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae feel. The hoobaes come to encourage us in the waiting room, and when all the performers gather on stage after a music show, it feels very heartwarming. They will be standing beside us talking to us. (KEY)
"Amongst all the girl groups this year, f(x) is definitely the best. Isn't 'La Cha Ta' a very lively song?" (ONEW)

This year, the music industry has seen many new groups emerging, sprouting like newly born shoots after a rain. Excluding competition from last year such as 2AM and 2PM, new groups such as BEAST and MBLAW has also issued their challenge to the music industry. Faced with such situation. SHINee still remains unfazed. Rather having the ambition to win, SHINee is more meen to present a more matured mindset.

Rather than just seeing others as our rivals, we are actually groups with our own music styles. It's very interesting to watch others perform while we are on our activities. (JONGHYUN)
The image that we used to show is an image that we can only show at the age that we are at. Once we grow older, we will not be able to show that. In the future we will continue to bring to everyone different looks of us. We are still young right? (KEY)

The undisputed strongest newcomer from last year, SHINee has achieved undeniable good results. The promotion activities this year to them is a very important period for them to establish their popularity back home. "Rather than waiting for the dark clouds to disperse before going to catch our target, I want to take the every step myself to conquer the peak, realising myself." From Key's words, we get the feeling that SHINee has grown up a lot in a short while.

"Our target this year is...Daesang? A concert?" (ONEW)
"The name of our album this time is '2009, Year Of Us'. The 'us' in this case is not just referring to us SHINee alone but also the fans. We want to be able to connect with our fans to make this year that is truly 'ours'. (JONGHYUN)

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SHINee Clarifies Netizens' Doubts About "Trying Too Hard to Lose Weight".

On the 20th during a news interview, SHINee has expressed jokingly that they "should upload the photos of what the members eat everyday onto the internet".

In 2008, SHINee, made their enchanting debut as the "Nation's Little Brothers", and has received high popularity being the representative of the flower boys group. With such an image, and under the rising popularity trend in the "beastly men" with boy group 2PM as the forerunners of the image, SHINee has still managed to uphold their unique personality, keeping intact the pride of 'flower boys' idols. In comparison to 2PM who are called the 'carnivorous guys', SHINee are instead known as the 'herbivorous idols'.

However, there are some netizens who have accused SHINee of "trying too hard to lose weight" due to their tall and skinny physiques.

With regards to this, SHINee expressed that "We can really eat a lot. Even though we do try to maintain a good physique because of our activities, we are definitely not trying too hard to lose weight" and also conveyed that "We are the type that grows fat easily, and because we do not work hard on building and toning up, that's why everyone has this misunderstanding of us."

As to the point about them have a "very strong image of herbivorous guys', they expressed with a smile that "We are not unhappy with it. It's natural that we are being seen as that." They also said that "We always get asked about being herbivorous guys" "We do not really mind having this image, since we are only being called this as we are still teenagers right?"

On top of that, they expressed that "We are still young now, we will never be able to portray the image of herbivorous guys if not for the circumstances now" and that "As time passes, we want to show to the fans the growth of SHINee. Please do keep on anticipating a more manly side to SHINee."

SHINee has started their activities on the 14th with their Third Mini Album title track 'Ring Ding Dong'. The song has swept first place on various digital music charts ever since release, showing the skyrocketing popularity of SHINee.

‘Ring Ding Dong’ is a song that shows how one falls victim to the attraction of the opposite sex, and uses words like "Why am I like this" as confession. The moment one has fallen into the love trap, the brain's alarm sounds, and this is presented through using manga inspired creativity that is eventually showed through 'Ring Ding Dong'.

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