After JYP appeared on the show 'Golden Fishery,' 2PM fans have been flocking to the show's board and are pressuring JYP with statements such as "Immediately stop using Jaebum as a marketing tool."

A core member of the '2PM Fan Cafe' agreed to a phone interview with us on the 12th in an effort to express the viewpoint and feelings of the fans after the statements JYP made on Golden Fishery.

She did not hesitate to express her disappointment, starting with "I saw the broadcast, but I immediately regretted seeing it. I thought that it was so like JYP. There's a big difference between what regular people view JYP as and what fans view him as. Others see him as successful with great corporate skills. We admit that. But fans do not accept JYP in any way.

There is no difference between what he said on air and what he said through official statements months ago. It is merely a voiced version of those articles. JYP made the fans out to be little brats that are whining for Jaebum's immediate return. He placed the blame on Jaebum and placed great pressure on the fans to leave him alone and stop our boycotts. Basically, he pushed the blame on to someone else.

There are fans that have given up and have began supporting 6PM after the broadcast. But instead of trusting JYP, they are attempting to give him a chance because at this point, JYP is the only person holding the key to Jaebum's return.

Furthermore, JYP is ignoring the efforts of the fans. When Jaebum's controversy first exploded, we as fans attempted to fix it by spreading the fact that there were translation errors. We also participated in various charities such as blood donations, donations for the youth, books... We attempted to find forgiveness for Jaebum through these actions.

In order to help Jaebum feel more at ease, we sent more than thousands of hand written letters with thousands of folded paper roses with thousands of post its with thousands of UCC messages. What fans want now is not Jaebum's return. What we want is an official statement that clearly takes back Jaebum's withdrawal from the group and the promise that his spot as the leader will be left in tact. Even if Jaebum does not immediately return, the fact that his spot remains open will be of great assurance to the fans.

What we want especially is not leaving little comments on shows such as 'Golden Fishery' but an official press conference that states these things. Then the boycott will cease. Should JYP continue to ignore the fans and use Jaebum as his marketing tool, the boycott will never stop."

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