We all look forward to our holidays after a major exam but it seems like our idols are back to work. Straight after their college entrance exam yesterday, 4Mintue’s Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon, together with BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung, Jang Hyun Seung and Son Dong Woon performed in Mnet’s M Super Concert. This was a special concert dedicated to all the other students taking college exams.

So where did BEAST’s Lee Ki Gwang go? ^^

After the exams, he went for a special recording programme for MBC which took place all night. In order to fill in for fellow members Onew and Jong Hyun (who were down with swine flu), SHINee’s Minho had a busy day too. After dinner with his managers and friends, he went straight for a performance in Incheon.

According to 4Minute & BEAST’s agency..

‘We wanted to give them a break after their exams, but they rejected it. This was because the best place for singers to relieve stress is the stage.’

source: via Hankooki; hangukdrama.isgreat

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