The episode of KBS 1TV 'Victorious Korea COB' (Chitchat of Beauties) aired May 15th, Changmin made the audience burst into laughter as he commented "I can't hear well out of this ear", when Christina talked with her characteristic loud voice and talk style.

Christina received Changmin's scolding when talking about her thoughts on the topic 'Methods of mothers who tried not to get delicious side dishes lost from them', saying "In Italy, the lunchbox idea isn't popular".

After that, Changmin bought the viewers' laughter by showing amusement whenever Christina talked.

On the other hand, 'Victorious Korea COB' was presented by reformatting the original 'Chitchat of Beauties'. On this day, 2AM Changmin, Lynn, Lee SunYoung announcer as well as Christina, Ddaru, Bianca and a hot foreigner appeared.

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