There's a modifier of 4minute's Hyuna that has been following her, 'Wonder Girls ex-member'. Some articles appeared when 4minute had their comeback at Mnet. 'Having the same comeback date with Wonder Girls, opens a match', etc.

Perhaps it's been a long time. 2009 Dream Concert was a first for 4minute, but not for Hyuna. Because she has been there with Wonder Girls before.

Hyuna as an ex-member of WG is an undeniable fact. If you try to search Hyuna's name on portal sites, you'll be able to find a Wonder Girls album that went public with her.

Especially this time, 4minute comeback with 'HuH' and Wonder Girls with '2 Different Tears', and that thing has made the responses even hotter.

Hyuna said at the interview, "I've been receiving the same question so many times." She coolly said, "It's good to comeback together."- "Anyway we're still partners. It would be great to support each other."

She told us with guts, "When story like this comes up, I feel sorry to 4minute." - "I'm promoting with 4minute right now. My previous experiences are some good memories. Some people can't accept the color differences. It would be great if you accept our color differences and loves us."

Before her comeback with 4minute, she also did a solo album activity. In the song 'Change' featuring BEAST's Junhyung, Hyuna proof her remaining charisma. Hyuna laugh and said, "Actually it's strange to be on the stage alone. It's good to be in the stage with the members now. The atmosphere at the stage is different."

Meahwhile, Hyuna is currently promoting 'HuH' with 4minute.


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