Koreans fans of boy band 2PM have submitted a letter to JYP Entertainment containing inquiries on Park Jaebum, the former leader of the K-pop group, who quit 2PM in September last year over what his critics called his “anti-Korea” comments on his MySpace account.

Up to this day, majority of Korean and international fans of boy band 2PM are still hoping that Jaebum will come back and reunite with the members.

Jaebum’s MySpace comments were written when he was still a JYPE trainee and before he debuted with the boy band.

On the international fan forum, fans have regularly expressed that they missed Jaebum and have urged JYP Entertainment, 2PM’s agency, to bring him back to the group.

However, JYP Entertainment has been silent on the Jaebum issue despite repeated requests by fans to let them know what the agency is planning to do with him. So far, Korean fans have done everything they could to urge JYPE to act on the issue. They held protests and flash mobs and picketed in front of the JYPE building in Seoul. They have also put Post-its and banners on the JYPE building to show their support to Jaebum.

The new letter was submitted by members of, the forum for Korean fans of 2PM, as well as 2AM, also another boy band under JYPE.

In a translation of the said letter by, the fans are asking JYPE “for a response without any exaggerations, reductions, or distortions.”

In the letter, the fans would like to know what JYPE’s opinion on Jaebum’s private life in the US being exposed to various media including YouTube. Recently, videos of Jaebum’s participation in b-boying competitions in the US have surfaced on the Internet.

In addition, they want to know when JYPE is going to bring back Jaebum to 2PM, along with its future plans for the group’s former leader.

With the release of the “1:59PM” album of 2PM without Jaebum, the fans said, “We are feeling the empty spot of leader Park Jaebum more than ever and are anticipating his return.”

They are also curious why the remaining 2PM members have increased their participation in Korean variety shows despite an announcement from JYPE following Jaebum’s departure last year that the 2PM members “will hold back on [appearing on] variety shows from now on.”

“The inquiries within this document are questions that have been continuously asked for the last half year. We no longer ask for a standard answer, but instead will be waiting for a sincere reply,” the fans said in the letter.

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