Korea’s popular group Super Junior’s (abbreviated as SJ) Chinese member Hankyung has officially filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court yesterday* to declare his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment as void. Following the lawsuit filed by the 3 members from Dong Bang Shin Ki on their “slave contract” in July this year, SME faces another contract termination dispute, the fees to be paid for the violation of contract will surmount to a whopping 1 billion Korean Won.

“At the moment, our fanclub doesn’t really talk about Hankyung’s case, but it doesn’t mean that we’re unhappy, it’s just… sigh, we still quite like Hankyung, so we can only say we’ll support him, since this is a decision he made,” said Chuan La Mo Mo
**, the leader for SJF & Ai Xin Club**, when asked about Hankyung’s contract termination case. And when asked about her opinion on Hankyung, she said: “I think that he’s not an ordinary person. Out of the three people who went to Korea, only he persisted, and underwent so many hardships until today; this is a point that I really admire. Besides that, he’s multitalented because he can sing and act as well. So naturally we would pay a lot of attention to him.” When the reporter asked what she would do if Hankyung really does terminate his contract (with SME) and comes up with a new album, she expressed that she’d still support him.

When a fan “SJ Milk Candy” was interviewed, she also stated that “From the beginning, out of all the SJ13 members, my bias was Hankyung because of his identity as a Chinese. Working in a foreign country is really not easy, so I really look up to him.” SJ Milk Candy remained silent for a while when asked by the reporter about Hankyung’s talents which attracted her, before commenting that “He’s good at dancing, but at the end of the day I still love his personality. I’ll support him regardless of the area in the entertainment business that he decides to venture into. But of course, I hope that the road that lies ahead of him will become wider and smoother.”

The biasness towards Hankyung was also seen in another fan “Ran”. When the reporter stated his intentions, the girl said “I can’t even begin to tell what I like about him, just that I think that everything about him is perfect. Although his acting skills are not the best, and his singing is not excellent, but it’s fine as long as he’s Hankyung. Besides that, his dancing skills are amazing! I hope that he would sign a contract with the best local entertainment company, because judging by Hankyung’s talents, he’ll be even better.” When asked why Hankyung would have the ability to be signed by the best company, “Ran” said emotionally: “Because he’s Hankyung – take a look, doesn’t any person who got associated with him in the news would become immensely popular? Hankyung is the target for female celebrities who wants to cook up a scandal, so this proves his popularity and value.”

There are rumours that Hankyung may work with a company that would allow him to film for movies, because he has always preferred to act, but there weren’t enough acting opportunities in SME, but the name of the company will not be revealed. Looks like Hankyung’s future still isn’t quite clear, and whether he’ll continue being a singer or turn into an actor remains a mystery. But from what the fans have said, no matter what Hankyung decides to do, they will still give him their support. Just like they’ve mentioned, Hankyung’s biggest business value is in the fact that he’s Hankyung! No one can replace the one and only Hankyung!
* I suppose this article was from last year.* Yes, that’s what’s written in the original article =/** A direct romanization of the fan’s nickname瑞拉默默.** A direct romanization of the fanclub’s(?) name爱心社团*** Technically speaking, she’s hoping that he’ll have great success in what he does.* controversial RUMORS were taken out.

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