The girl idol group Girls Generation member, YoonA, will be going on the KBS quiz show ‘1 against 100′ broadcasted on the 9th to show off her beauty and speed.

For those of you who doesn’t know what the show is about, it is a quiz program where one contestant goes against a hundred others (hence the title) for the 50,000 dollar prize. On this day, YoonA will be going against a hundred people made up of dentists, student reporters, DaeHan TongWoon quick service workers, actors from the musical Miss Saigon, ShinHan bank new workers, and more.

Also as for the entertainers team, Chu SoYoung, Park SulKi, Park HyunBin, WooJoo, Kim JaeWook, and Jang DoYeon will be going against YoonA for this one time chance quiz game. She is the second Girls Generation member to be going after TaeYeon, and she revealed that if you wins the 50,000 dollar prize, she will use it to give to the needy.

Best of luck to her!

Credit : K Bites

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