Girl group dream team rises once again.

For a recent CF, Kara, 4minute, and After School had collaborated before, but recently they have gathered once again to appear on Might Mouth's new music video. The concept of Mighty Mouth's new single is a Wave of Laughter Virus, and the three teams will sport a happy and joyful appearance.

One representative said "The girl group members will be appearing in Mighty Mouth's music video" and "Because they were close with Might Mouth and the concept of the song was good, they accepted right away".

Kara has a deep relationship with Mighty mouth for Nicole's featuring on their song 'Love Class'. The two teams even gave themselves the nickname 'MasKara' line on many programs. 4minute and After School also had made news for Hyuna and UEE's casting on the 'Love Class' music video.

Besides these girls, many top stars have had wanted to appear in this music video and has been gaining interest.

Meanwhile, Mighty Mouth's new single 'Laugh' is a hopeful message about winning over tough times. This song was created for those who have lose their laughter, and for those people to cheer this song and regain their smile. With the featuring of top stars such as Yoon Eun Hye, Son Dambi, Han YeSeul and gaining interest at the same time, this time they are with In Sooni and gathering more interest.

translated by: thebuddybud @ karaholic

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