After School GaHee gives a shocking revelation of fellow member UEE.

GaHee participated in the recent filming of SBS Strong Heart where she revealed, “I’m the leader of After School but recently there is a member who is scarier and holds more discipline power than me.”

It turned out that she was talking about UEE. UEE was seen flustered upon that revelation. GaHee said, “Recently we have 2 new maknae members joining After School, and one day UEE was watching the maknae members practising choreography and she called them an adjacent room.”

“I don’t know what happened but I was shocked to know from the maknae members the next day that they were disciplined.”

With that, GaHee reveals the story told by the choreography team who saw what happened in the adjacent room that day on the show.

The guest appearances on the show had all commented with “So surprising coming from UEE” etc.

Stary tuned to the show ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 9th February for the full story.

Credit : K Bites

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