Ballad singers 2AM have been recently flaunting their gag idol-ness.

On the 5th of February, on MBC FM4U 'Taeyeon's ChinChin' radio homepage, read 'The reason why two in the morning is good', with pictures of 2AM that show a different image of them.

Photos that even when calmly listening to good music at two in the morning will shock you awake! It is gag idols 2AM's truthfulness that helps them receive more love from fans.

While singing to 'Even if I die, I can't send you away' they can instantly conjure up tears with serious looks, but when taking group photos, they turn into gag idols 2AM. Female flirt Jinwoon, Uhhh-Jokwon, Shexy~Changmin and Robot Seulong can be seen posing for the camera.

Meanwhile on the 7th of February on SBS Inkigayo, they received their first 1st place since debut and shed many tears of happiness.

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*Jinwoon so cute ^^
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