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So once YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok decided the song G-Dragon had written for himself, ‘Lies’ would be used as a Big Bang song, G-Dragon started to rewrite it for the group.

”I felt so weak knowing I had to rewrite it from the beginning. Still, I did it and showed the other members, worried about whether they’d like it or not. It was a lot different to the music we’d done til then so at first the members just looked really blank after hearing it. I was sitting there quietly thinking ‘They don’t like it? Oh well I can’t do anything about that. Then Taeyang said ‘Let’s do it!’”

G-Dragon still doesn’t know what emotions the other members felt at the time. Just the fact that he was letting them hear a song he had written for his own solo made him nervous. In other words, he was worried about what the other members might think of the piece he had written based on his own taste.

”I was nervous. Of letting them hear... But after editing the lyrics and giving it to them so they could work out their own parts, things unravelled nicely. Our President is a pro. If he tells us we should release something at a particular time or something, it always gives us the best possible results.”

G-Dragon would write countless songs and President Yang would listen and choose the best. President Yang was usually more like an easy-going neighbourhood hyung or uncle but when it came to work he had the best ear for music and trends.

”I think HyunSeok hyung has psychic powers. (laughs) After listening to a bunch of songs, he’ll just sit there without a word, rolling his eyes once in a while and he’ll decide not only what songs to use but when to release them too. If I send him all the songs I’ve written, he cuts them down. Sometimes he doesn’t even listen to a song for a second. Rather than calculating it, he sort of just goes ‘No not this’ or ‘I have a good feeling about this one’. Every song he’s said he has a ‘good feeling about’ has been a huge hit’. It’s really scary and constantly makes me wonder ‘What’s with this person??’”

President Yang is a good hyung, teacher, and secret hill to G-Dragon. Because he himself was once a singer, he is a President who understands how his singers feel. Their hardships, what gives them strengths...He has made a good system based on these things.

”The music we want to do, the clothes we want to wear, the performances we want to do..he lets us do it all. In the end, ‘Lies’ turned out to be a huge hit because I did what he said.”

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