Another day, another me2DAY update from our man, G-Dragon. Today he shows us the 3D PAPER FIGURE that can be bought from the YG STORE. I personally think it looks a little freaky, but I didn’t build any of the other 3D FIGURES from the previous releases. Also, the ‘Butterfly’ MV was released!

Original message:
“굿모닝∼^^ 오늘버터플라이뮤직비디오가공개되었어요 시간날때한번씩보세요ㅎ 그럼좋은하루^^”

In English:

“Good morning~^^ Today the ‘Butterfly’ music video was released to the public. Take a look if you have the timeㅎ So, have a good day^^”

cr: aa-chan.

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