Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, was interrogated on the 4th for his sexually explicit bed scene at his first solo concert.

When asked about the sexually explicit bed scene, G-Dragon responded with, “I didn’t know it was that sexually explicit.”

When asked if he knew the song he performed, “She’s Gone,” was inappropriate for minors, G-Dragon responded, “I didn’t know.”

A representative of the district court stated, “G-Dragon has denied all charges. We are going to continue our investigation to determine whether G-Dragon’s actions are punishable by law. We plan to finalize our investigation by next week.”

This is great news so far… pending the outcome, the next time I have a sudden urge to hump a girl in public, I’ll just respond with “I didn’t know it was that sexually explicit.” I mean this is really great, I don’t even have to be reborn a dog.

Credits to Johnnydorama @ Allkpop! 
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