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The 5 member idol group f(x), with Girls' Generation as their seniors, becoming endorsors of a major mobile phone company 10 days after their debut, and having multi-national members, Taiwanese American member, Amber (2nd right) talked about her memories of Taiwan; she smiled saying: "I miss the bustling night markets the most."

f(x)'s first mini-album "NU ABO" was released earlier and has been dominating South Korea's online music portal sites since. Having already been invited to countries such as France, Japan and Thailand to perform not long after their debut, their popularity is rising exponentially.

Both of Amber's parents are Taiwanese. She came to Taiwan for a brief period when she was in junior high school, and Tainan was the place leaving the deepest impression for her. She also discreetly came to Taiwan on the 10th. Her company has revealed that it was work-related, but has not revealed any other details.

Cr: 自由電子報
Translated by alice@iheartf(x)

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