The hot topics are girl group f(x)’s Krystal and her senior, Tei, as they acted as lovers.

The compilation album that is set to be released the coming 28th, ‘Melody Project,’ the track
’s music drama teaser video showed Krystal as a flute major student in a performing arts high school and Tei as the school’s temporary music instructor, illustrating the start of love as well as lovers’ beautiful appearance.

In the video, Krystal says to the instructor Tei with a shy smile “Can I call you Oppa?” to which Tei replied with his own shy smile that he attempted to hide, amplifying the expectations of love.

‘Melody Project,’ in sound production and video directing, is the one and only producer Oh Joon Sung’s special project, in which wonderful film meets high quality music to be satisfying to the eyes and the ears.

Love’s step is divided into 6 parts in the music video as meeting, excitement, love, misunderstanding, parting, and then memory, the theme that represents the compilation ‘Melody Project.’ The past march, Krystal and Tei starred in ‘meeting’ with Alex’s ‘Sweet Dream.’

On the other hand, Krystal’s song, which is the second song ‘Melody’ is
Part II. The exciting (Moderato) music video will be released on the 28th via online sound sites. –ggamnews-

Source: GgamNews
Translation: mongoosedragon @ Aff(x)tion forum


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