Idol Group f(x) will be performing at the congratulatory stage for the '7th annual Max Movie Best Movie Award'.

On the 9th (Tuesday) at 7PM at the Coex Auditorium, f(x) will be performing at the '7th annual Best Movie Award Ceremony' festival.

In 2009, f(x) has debuted with the song 'LaChaTA', and made 'Chocolate Love' and 'Chu' a hit song which led them to be named the best new idols. It's believed that f(x) will raise the atmosphere by performing at the congratulatory stage.

The netizens have revealed their feels about f(x) performing again, "I was sad that I didn't see f(x) performing for a while but thinking that I can see them again makes me happy." and "Show me f(x)'s amazing performance!"

On the other hand, 2AM will also be at the '7th annual Best Movie Awards' congratulatory stage and you will also be able to see them live at max movie and at pandora tv.

Source: Newsen
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credit: LittlePrince + Aff(x)tion Forum

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