It's f(x)'s maknae, Krystal!

It's my 16th birthday today~
I'm really grateful because a lot of people greeted me^^
Our Music Core performance ended and before we went to our next schedule,
I had a birthday party with f(x) members and fans~
I was really really thankful.T-T

Um… And my parents and sister!
To my parents who gave birth to me and raised me, thank you so much,
And to Jessica-unni who always looked out for me… um… I need you to look out for me kekekeke jkjk
To Bikssong-unni, Amber-unni, Luna-unni, Ssul who are always with me~ Thank you!!

In the future, I will show a better me~
I'll become a hardworking Krystal!
To all fans, I love you..….♡
Ring ding dong dong dong dong dong~ keke

MBC Show! Music Core backstage today
Together with surprise guest, Jessica-unni!! keke

* f(Victoria) : Our pretty daughter~Krystal… Happy birthday^^ 'Vic-umma' will always be by your side~^*^

* f(Amber) : Krystal baby~ Happy 16th Birthday~ Thanks for being here^^ you know we’re always here for you<3><>ㅁ<>♥ it's actually hard to put aegyo into english words but instead of saying just thanks, Sulli said it in an aegyo-ful manner. 고마워 gomawo (normal). 고마워잉 gomawoing (with aegyo). JungLi~

Source: f(x) official webpage
Translation: Beena
Credits: aff(x)tion forums

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