Regarding C.N. Blue's manager assault FNC Music release an apology statement for the incident.

Hello. This is FNC Music.

First of all, we are very sorry be contacting our fans with bad news during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The video of the CN Blue manager that was posted today was taken on the afternoon of February 11th at the KBS parking lot located in Seoul YeoIeDo, right before the KBS ‘Music Bank’ rehearsal.
On that day, many fans gathered around the car that CN Blue was on in order to look at the members of CN Blue.
So the manager demanded that the way was made, however because so much fans were around the car, the way inside the KBS building was impossible.
The time was passing by and the manager was cornered with the fact that he couldn’t bring these new stars in the industry in time for the rehearsals
Even the KBS officials helping CN Blue get into the building were pushed back because of the fans and the situation didn’t get better from there.
In the midst of the situation the CN Blue members started to get off of the car in order to reach the building, and then one fan strongly pulled the hat of the hoodie that Jonghyun was wearing, almost making him fall in the process.
And then manager, already stressed out from the situation, ended up showing violence at the fan that almost knocked down Lee Jonghyun.

However, we believe that in any situation, showing violence is not acceptable and currently the manager and all the staff at FNC Music are very, deeply sorry about the case towards the fans.

Also, the manager regarding this will claim all actions for this case himself. And so that such actions won’t be happening again, we will educate the managers all very well.

And also the netizens are commenting that Lee Jonghyun is laughing that the manager for showing such violence.
However that expression was the expression of Lee Jonghyun realizing that the fact that he almost fell from the fan that was clinging on to his clothes, since that was his first encounter there.
As you can see clearly from the video posted on the internet, while the manager was showing violence, Lee Jonghyun had his body down low, not being able to see the action very well.
Also because, Lee Jonghyun had his hoodie on and covering his whole face, his vision field wasn’t very good.
We just wanted to clarify the fact that Lee Jonghyun was smiling during the violence is not true.

We wanted to apologize to all the fans loving CN Blue, and we promise to be an even hardworking FNC Music.

Once again, we bow our heads down and apologize for disturbing your joyful break with bad news.

Translation By: cnbluemoonlight @ CodeAzzurro
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