For Super Junior's first concert in Taipei, Super Show 2, at the Taipei Arena, the organizers, Super Dome, has confirmed with the Korean side and made an official announcement that only 10 members will be going. Hangeng, Kangin, and Kibum are confirmed to be absent. As soon as the news was released yesterday, fans on PPT's website flocked together howling in grief and wanting to cry. They were heart-broken as Hangeng will not be able to realize his agreement to come to Taiwan to celebrate his birthday.

With the February 20th and 21st performance by SJ, at the Taipei Arena, on the horizon, Super Dome confirmed the performing members with South Korea and made an official announcement about the reply on their website. Even though he participated in the original tour and had fans strongly hoping for his appearance, Hangeng is determined not to go to Taiwan. Though the three members did not attend the previous Beijing concert, thus preparing the fans, they were still extremely sad as when Hangeng visited last year, he had promised to go to Taiwan in February to celebrate together with the fans. It was unexpected that the promise will be unable to be fulfilled leading to fans "crying" and "collapsing."

Fans excited about SJ's visit have even stated that after receiving their New Year's money (Chinese New Year) they will head straight for the airport. Taking fan's security into considering, Super Dome is keeping the flight information of SJ to Taiwan a secret. Right now, they have only revealed that they will be arriving on the 19th and the exact flight will be announced closer to the date.

Original Article: UDN
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