Both Lyn and Park HyoShin appeared on Chocolate and fans were given a special treat with a duet of "Falling Slowly" from the two. But the treat did not end with this performance.

Lyn and Park HyoShin are top notch ballad singers and this performance on Chocolate is not the first time that they have sung a duet together. At Lyn's first concert, the two have met on the same stage as well.

During this segment, Lyn started things off with her ballad "실화 (True Story)," off her new album , 6 1/2 New Celebration. Lyn knows a thing or two about singing live and delivered a flawless performance. After this performance, Lyn began to sing "Falling Slowly," and after her lines she invited Park HyoShin to the stage. Both artists made the song their own, changing the way they sung the lyrics.

Park HyoShin took over after Lyn and performed his song "사랑한 후에 (After Love)" and gave fans another special treat. The Park HyoShin we know is serious about his music and in most of his performances, he focuses on the delivery of his vocals above all else. On Chocolate, Park HyoShin showed us that he can dance as well!

Watch all the awesome performances below.

Lyn - 실화 (True Story)

Lyn & Park HyoShin - Falling Slowly

Park HyoShin - 사랑한 후에 (After Love)

Park HyoShin - Deja Vu (Dance Performance)

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4 @ yt & naver ; omgkpop
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