F.T Island's leader Choi Joong Hoon offered his apologies for the comments he made to KARA's leader Park Gyuri.

Choi Joong Hoon left a message at 5:08 in the afternoon on his minihompi to apologize. He said "First of all, I'm sorry as a celebrity. It was just a concept for that day, but after saying it out loud, I thought to myself 'Was it too harsh?', thats why after the recording, I approached her (Park Gyuri) to say sorry."

He continued "For some fans its not a big deal. Its kind of funny that I'm writing about something so small like this. Haha! But I am sorry. I will be more careful in choosing my words next time!"

This was in reference to MBC's Changing the World Quiz program where the two idol group leaders were present. When he was being likened to Park Gyuri for having a goddess concept, he replied "She's egoistic, while I'm just frank. If someone asks me if I'm good-looking, I'll say that I am". This comment received a lot of criticisms from KARA's fans.

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