Super Junior Eunhyuk has confirmed to have a regular spot for him on the show KBS2TV "Let's go Dream Team Season 2".

Eunhyuk, while attending the show, had not mind doing all the extreme physical activities as well as always bring the bright atmosphere to the show. Many fans had left comments on the show's bulletin board to express their wish for Eunhyuk to become regular member on the show.

Jeon Jinhak, producer of "Dream team 2" said "The decision for Eunhyuk to be regular guest on the show was temporary. Eunhyuk himself had expressed his wish to become regular member of the show and because the production team have agreed so from now on, we plan to let him to be our show's regular guest".

According to Jeon producer, Eunhyuk has become a big help for the show after Jo Sungmo's ankle injury "After seeing his active image on the November 11th filming day, we decided to give him a chance".

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