Eunhyuk + Hyun-A ‘My Ear’s Candy’ Couple Dance, Will they be sexier than Baek Jiyoung+Taekyeon?

[Newsen Reporter Park Seyeon]

4minute’s Hyun-A and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk performed together in a couple dance of “My Ear’s Candy”.

Recently, 4minute appeared on the KBS N Drama “Super Junior’s Miracle”. “Super Junior’s Miracle” is a program that works to bring a mentor to an estranged student. During this recording, as 4minute appeared as the Hope Messengers, Super Junior greeted them with enthusiasm.

To 4minute, who “Revealed their charm within 4 minutes,” Super Junior introduced them to a “Happy Virus Dance Party” to reenergize the group, and Hyun-A instantly sexily danced along to “My Ear’s Candy”.

To follow, Eunhyuk made a surprise entrance during Ok Taekyeon’s rap segment and performed the “booby-booby dance”. Especially, Eunhyuk was praised for his quick wit in performing the painfully funny couple dance. This episode airs on the 24th at 8pm.

Credits to : SOURCE NEWSEN & CakeCrumbs@2OD(translations)
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