Super Junior Eunhyuk has gave FT Island Jonghoon the nickname “Cutlass fish” on the show KBS Drama “Super Junior’s miracle” which will be aired on November 7th.

When talking about how becoming a singer affect your daily life, Jonghoon asked Eunhyuk “I want to gain weight” which Eunhyuk said “I have the same problem. Do you know any effective method for this ?”, Jonghoon then admited “I has tried to eat a lot of ramen before sleep but I cant gain weight at all”.

After hearing the answer, Eunhyuk had nod his head and said “So I will recommend a character to you. I was called ‘Anchovy’ ” and asked Jonghoon to choose one among the nickname “Anchovy, Cutlass fish, Flying fish”. Jonghoon said “I have seen Cutlass fish before”, thus choosing that nickname among the three which made everybody laughing.

Then Eunhyuk said to Jonghoon “I want to be a main MC like Leeteuk hyung” which Jonghoon answered “So let’s continue with your ‘Anchovy’ character and loose more weight than (you are) now”.

The show will be aired at 8.00PM on November 7th.

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