The untold stories of the members of TVXQ has been revealed.

MBC’s “Everyone ‘More Star Secrets-Episode: TVXQ’”, airing the afternoon of the 24th, features Elementary School friends of TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu with whom he had formed a group, touring around Ilsan and putting on shows in the past.

For the first time ever, a never-before-scene video clip from 10 years ago in his past is being revealed.

“Every part of him was just filled to the brim with energy. He’d just suddenly start singing in the middle of a meal. He also had, should I say, a certain passion for dance? You could just feel his energy radiating off of him. Suddenly, while walking down the road, he would just break into a dance, moving to whatever beat he felt at the time.” – Park Nam Hyun (U-Know Yunho’s Highschool classmate)

“Yunho was someone with the eyes of a Siberian Husky. His eyes were always filled with passion. Changmin was really pure and innocent like the boy from “Passing Rain” (T/N: Famous Korean Novel), Jaejoong was handsome enough that, even us men couldn’t help but to just step back and say ‘wow~.’” – Kim Kyung Wook (President of SM Entertainment/ TVXQ’s Agency)

“TVXQ is a super star. We don’t have another team in Korea quite like them that have that amount of talent, the ability to express it in an artistic form, and the strength to crush cultural barriers like they do. I don’t think there ever will be another either- another team with such all-rounded raw talent. How can there be such a harmony of vocals, performance skills, asthetic apeal, and even song composition skills? Not even in the history of the USA has there been such an artist.” – Park Shihyuk (Composer and Producer)

In addition, the documentary includes the experiences of Max Changmin, who debuted in his first year of highschool, of having attended English and Math cram schools into late at night until right before this event, and those of Yunho and his outstanding dedication to the school, who was
able to receive a 3 Year Perfect Attendance Award and serve as Class President even during his difficult Trainee days. The documentary airs on the 24th at 12 pm.

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