TVXQ's fanclub Cassiopeia has expressed their official stand on SM Entertainment's press conference.

On the 2nd of November, they have stated their official standpoint through a fansite.

Cassiopeia expressed, "Everything, excluding the words directly from TVXQ, we do not believe, and we would like SM to stop trying to divide the fans by causing confusion/chaos." and "We are very disappointed, and saddened with SM by saying those statements were by Yunho and Changmin, and also with the press conference. The reason for this lawsuit is because of the 13-year slave contract, not because of the cosmetic business. With the court’s decision released on the 27th, SM is to not interfere with the three members’ own/individual activities, and would immediately like for SM to stop with their actions on trying to divide the TVXQ members."

At the same time, with the release of Yunho’s and Changmin’s statements, suspicions were roused among the fans. Many questions were raised, like the position of the signature and name, and the doubt that it may not be handwritten. Conflict between SM and the fans will seem to continue from this point on.

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We 800,000 Cassiopeians would like to announce our official view in this statement. With accusations and allegations flying everywhere, we announce this in order to show the fanclub's official standing on this matter. This statement is made by union of numerous DBSK fan cafes and we present this in the name of Cassiopeia.

First of all, we would like to say that, as fans of DBSK, we support DBSK and will not do anything to betray their trust in us. We will not trust anything besides words that come out of the DBSK members' mouths, and we ask SME to stop actions that are intended to confuse and divide the fans.

We Cassiopeians are very disappointed in SME for holding press conference and releasing signed documents in the name of Yunho and Changmin. As the management company of DBSK, SME must not forget their job and must stop their actions intended to defame the members of DBSK and break the group apart. Also, according the the court ruling made on the 27th, SME must not make deals with third parties in the name of the three members and cannot interfere with individual works or those members. Please keep the court's order.

To everyone who is reading this statement, please remember: the members did not take legal actions because of the issues regarding the cosmetics business. They started this lawsuit because of illegal contract length of 13 years. We fans do not understand why SME is silent about the issue of the contract length and is trying to focus everyone's attention on the cosmetics fiasco. The goal of this lawsuit was to nullify or edit contract between SME and the three members, and we believe that they did not intend to end DBSK or move onto another management company. Also, we would like to address to reporters who sensationalize and create rumours related to this press conference. Please be careful with your sources.

We would like to ask SME one more time to not make the three members' reputation and rights suffer with claims that have never been proven, and we would like to ask the citizens of Korea to stop creating rumours and defame DBSK. We would like to show our condolences toward this controversy.

As Cassiopeians, the fans of DBSK, we will keep our attention focused to the future actions of DBSK and SME. We will continue to side with DBSK. DBSK and fans never doubt.

-- November 2nd, 2009, Cassiopeia, the fanclub of DBSK

This is one of SM tricks to divide and break the fans.That is why, just believe in 5 of them.So now got it :)? SM is known for this kind of stuff.Always Keep The Faith !!!!! Also please be careful of the sources that you read the news from.
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