On 23rd October, MBC’s “Star The Secret” did a coverage on TVXQ’s popularity level in Japan, saying that TVXQ is a group that ensured that “Any product that they endorse is sure to sell; as long as they release an album, it’ll immediately be safe in the number one ranking in 5 minutes; to get a ticket for their constantly sold-out concerts, fans have to go into mouse-wars; they are the group that has the biggest fanbase in the company.”

Something that caught everyone’s eye recently: TVXQ is a hot group in Japan, and their vocal abilities are recognised in Japan. Production crew and staff who have worked with TVXQ, as well as Japanese fans all say that “We’ve always known that TVXQ is an acapella group. In Korea, they are recognised as an idol group for their dancing and singing, and their vocal abilities are now being shown off in Japan.”

It was only when the production crew for the show was checking on TVXQ’s popularity in Japan, did they realise that TVXQ’s popularity in Japan has long exceeded their expectations by far, in fact, they’ve climbed to unimaginable heights.

Pinky candy, endorsed by TVXQ, is now selling nationwide in Japan. In the biggest Japanese music sales arena, the whole place is filled with large posters of TVXQ and The Beatles. The person in charge told the programme crew “TVXQ’s albums are popular in the first place, so we will put up a special selling booth in the middle of the arena, and of TVXQ’s albums will be sold there. As long as TVXQ put out a record, it’s almost confirmed that they will reign in the charts, they are really popular.”

A staff from Japanese station KNTV said this about TVXQ’s popularity to the production crew, “TVXQ, whose popularity is shooting skyhigh in Japan, is different from the Hallyu starts that enjoy popularity here. TVXQ didn’t use the Hally wave and didn’t come to Japan as Korean stars; debuting instead, as a JPOP group in Japan, formed by 5 Koreans. During their debut period, like all new artists, they went around and did small-scale activities, and the members of TVXQ even went to the broadcast stations personally to promote their albums.”

When they first debuted, they stood on a platform and performed in front of 30 people. Ironically, when they were experiencing this in Japan, it was at a time when they were at the height of their popularity in Korea, sweeping all the awards in the ceremonies, and becoming Korea’s top stars in 2006.

They relinquished their positions as top stars, as well as their pride, and started doing activities in Japan from the bottom. After almost 4 long years of working in Japan, TVXQ finally performed on their dream stage, the Tokyo Dome, with their own concert, and are unanimously acknowledged by the Japanese audience: TVXQ is the most successful Korean artist in Japan.

Source: [DNBN+HB允浩家族]
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