Dara’s message:

Hi! It’s my brother Sang Hyun! He’s my baby bro! He’s all grown up now… he used to be really small… we have a 6 year age gap. When I was 10, he was 4, he was still a baby! I’m like his mom whenever omma isn’t around! He’s like friends with durami, whenever we’re all together I feel left out because I’m so old! Bwahahaha! He’s the only man in our family yet he’s the youngest. I wish I can find the guy who will really love me and be a part of my family so I can be stronger, I think I’m getting weaker. Anyway, thanks for your support (to sanghyun), here’s his picture! Mwah!

Credits to : @Soompi, 2ne1evo
Sandara parkThunder

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