TVXQ members Junsu (Xiah), Yoochun (Micky), Jaejoong (Hero), who are having contract issues with their management company SM Entertainment, have expressed that hereafter, they still wish to continue doing activities with the TVXQ members.

On the afternoon of the 28th, an official from Sejong, their representative law firm, said in a telephone interview to STARNEWS, “All 3 members have said that they want to continue working together with the TVXQ members. Having grown up under the name of TVXQ, they definitely want to continue working with the TVXQ members, for a long time to come.”

However, when asked about the 2 other members, Yunho (U-know) and Changmin (Max), the official was not specific and said, “There’s nothing I can say regarding that.”

Also, regarding their move to invalidate the members’ contracts as well as change the profit distribution, he explained that, “It would be difficult if we advance on that in the middle of the week. Some time next week, we’ll set about doing it.”

source: [STARNEWS + chosunonline]
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