2pm will come back with the title song of their first album, "Heartbeat" on 10th Nov. The first stage of it will be a Music Bank of KBS. At last, 2pm, who had many ups and downs, will come back into K-pop culture.

We expect that 2pm willmake a lot of issues. there is always a open question, when Jay will come back? and they can rise to the top cuz there are no Dong-Bang-Shin-Ki and Bing Bang in 2009 K-pop. More, Park, jin young said about the title song, "Hear beat", - 'This is a totally new song", so We hope to see good results.

#1. Who will replace Jay?
2PM will be a unique team which come back in very short time after his leader's resignation. The leader played a pivotal role in 2PM. So, if there is no leader, there should be a big change in members, but, 2pm has no idea to change something till now.

JYPE said, "we did not pick up new leader, and 6 members will help one another and do 2pm' work."

The issue around Jay will be a good point that 2pm will be a sensitive issue. But also, it will be a bad effect not to focus their music only. So Jay will be a tension point of 2PM.

What means "totally new music"?
Apart from Jay, the new song of 2pm will be very creative, so can arouse a passionate response. Park Jin Young said already, "this is a totally new song which you cannot imagine", and expressed a strong confidence.

The keyword of this music is "Heart". In this new teaser movie, they used the members' real heart beat sound, and expressed their image as "heated heartbeat"

This song may not be included an usual music genre. JYPE said, "this song is a totally new concept song"

Can 2pm retake a status as "beast-idol"?
2PM was faced with an ordeal, "Leader Jay's resignation" just before they could rise to the top in 2009. So, can 2pm retake its status as top idol? This is a kinda main interest of people.

Especially, the beast idol syndrome, focusing 2pm, aroused big interests of women(in their 20's), and replaced Dong-Bang-Shin-Ki and Bing Bang in K-pop world. And the member's honesty attracted many people they can shoot many variety shows and commercials.

But when 2pm had a rest, new male idol groups made debut. B2st of Cube Entertainment (4 minutes' agency) made its debut and their concept was also beast, and Mblaq of J-tune (Rain's) Entertainment also took its concept as masculinity and showed an acrobatic dance. They shared beast idol concept with 2pm.

Actually, the first step goes well. The songs released beforehand, “tired of waiting" and "i was crazy for you" got a good response. JYPE said, "The song released beforehand ranked high in music chart, we expect the title song can get a better response"

credits: 2pm-online Kor -Eng Coordinator : Cassina@2pm-online

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Read this with a pinch of salt.This is basically the reporters point of view and you know how they like to twist it and make the article even more interesting.To me 2PM doesnt need to retake the beastly status as they are the first.No offense, but groups like MBLAQ & BEAST who are following the beastly concept would not be able to defeat 2PM's as they are the first one who started it.Do not get me wrong,I am a fan of MBLAQ and BEAST as well, but they just debuted and have much more to learn.

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