Rock band CNBLUE will host a concert in Japan next month.
CNBLUE left for Japan to perform street lives near the beginning of 2009 but arrived back in Korea for their official debut this year. The upcoming concert will be their first in Japan after their official debut and it has already been sold out.

CNBLUE will host their concert on March 20th at Shibuya's Kurabuku Art (?). Ticket sales began on their Japanese blog at the beginning of this month and were quickly bought out or reserved.

What started out as a trip to study band music in Korea, progressed to CNBLUE wandering around Tokyo performing street lives and cleaning up their skills. A few people in the audience turned into hundreds during their stay there, showcasing CNBLUE's growth.

During this time, lead vocal and guitarist Jung Yong Hwa became hot issue after creating thousands of mania fans during his casting for drama .

CNBLUE's debut sweeped the music charts and 2 weeks into their debut, they won KBS 2TV's Music Bank and SBS Inkigay's Mutizen Award, creating the 'heavenly line'. However, still not satisfied, CNBLUE has pledged to continue to perform in Japan in order to increase their abilities.

An associate at CNBLUE's company FNCMUSIC commented, "There are plans for CNBLUE to continue to perform live shows in Japan for at least an year. CNBLUE is always trying to never forget their first intentions [for music]."

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