Amidst criticisms of group CN Blue manager’s violent behaviour, a representative has came out to explain, “We have taken disciplinary action towards this staff. We apologise deeply.”

A video was posted up on a Korean portal site on 14th February showing CN Blue’s manager apparently showing violent behaviour on fans, which sparked off criticisms immediately amongst netizens. In the video, the CN Blue members were getting off the car, and a guy in brown top was seen hitting the head of a fan using his palm.

With the netizens getting angry over the incident, FNC Music had posted an apology post on their official homepage.

In the apology post, it was written, “The video shows a footage of what happened before KBS Music Bank rehearsal at YeoIlGo car park on 11th February. Many fans were crowding around the car, and it was impossible to enter the building, so the manager displayed violent behaviour towards the fans who were going too close to member Lee JongHyun.”

“It is not right to use violence in any situation, hence the manager and all FNC Music staff would like to apologise to fans. The manager was disciplined, and was held responsible for his actions. We will make sure that this will not happen again.”

Meanwhle, FNC also clarified that Lee JongHyun was not smiling at the violent act as pointed out by many netizens who saw the video.


The video is in the form of a GIF,thanks to crimsonbox.

I personally REALLY pity the girl who got hit by this ruthless manager. It's just not right to resort to this extent of violence. I'm sure this manager would get what he deserved soon.

Credit : K Bites

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