The absolutely stunning Brown Eyed Girls have brought their magic again with the release of their new track Sign, from their repackaged 3rd album Sound G.

You all saw the MV teaser last night, which was eerily creepy yet so alluring - just in time for Halloween. It seemed like a scene out of Saw and I just can't wait to see the full MV.

But what you didn't know was, these girls stayed in the water tanks for 3 full hours, just to film this scene.. talk about dedication! On a side note, aren't the photos just stunning?

BEG's label Nega Network stated:

"The girls had to hold their breath and go underwater to film these scenes, and although it was dangerous, the girls wanted to make sure Sign's music video would be perfect, so they insisted on doing it themselves."

The Sign music video will be released on October 29th. I can't wait to see this and share it with the rest of you, so stay tuned!

Brown eyed girls

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