Idol group Big Bang member TOP has been chosen as the #1 entertainer who looks like he is good at doing events for his lover.

According to a survey done on Monkey3 from 23rd October to 30th October, and in commemoration of Pepero Day (11th November), and the question ‘Celebrities who looks like he/she is good at doing special events for their lovers’ was asked and 1363 netizens polled. Big Bang TOP came in first in the poll with 23% of the votes.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

The rest of the survey results:

1. Big Bang TOP (23%)
2. FT Island Lee HongKi (19%)
3. Jang GeunSeok (18%)
4. Noh HongChul(16%)
5. UKnow YunHo (14%)
6. Gil (10%)

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