Actively playing the role of Saeho from 'High Kick Through the Roof,' BEAST's Lee Kikwang and TV actor Lee Kwangki's peculiar connection is the topic of conversation.

When Lee Kwangki, who made an appearance on the 27th of the broadcasted MBC 'Good Day', greeted Lee Kikwang of High Kick Through the Roof's Saeho, it was revealed that they had a search word connection. Because their last names are the same, and the front and the back of their names (Kwangki, Kikwang) have a different order, they were tied up in a connected search word when confused fans searched their names.

Recognizing them first, the moment when Lee Kwangki said "Nice to meet you" and shook hands, the BEAST members burst into laughter when [Kikwang] greeted himself, saying "My name is Lee Kikwang" with such ease.

The moment Lee Kwangki said "When you search my name, your name comes out too," [Kikwang] responded with "Me too." Also, when Doojoon, who was next to them, said "This is a friendlier relationship than a close friend's," they are receiving positive responses from netizens.

In the mean time, as the ever popular 6-member boy idol group BEAST in which Lee Kikwang is part of, were working with Mystery and Bad Girl, they officially finished their activities on the 31st.

CREDITS: THE STAR(SOURCE); Yukified@B2ST Rising (SHARING); annayang3195@B2ST Rising (TRANS)
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