Singer and actor Lee Gikwang captured viewers' attention through revealing his luxurious figure on 'High Kick Through the Roof.'

On February 8th's broadcast of MBC 'High Kick Through the Roof,' Seho (Lee Gikwang) has been shown struggling to draw a manly appearance to charm Jungeum, who acknowleges him as a persistant, crazy man.

Seho first appeared before Jungeum in a suit in attempt to show a more adult demeanor. However, Jungeum rejects him with a nonchalant reply, causing lots of laughter. Going back to the vain effort to appear mature, Seho calls for the gym and shows a manly appearance through his muscles to attact Jungeum. But again, Jungeum responds with another cold remark.

Viewers who watched the broadcast commented with "Seho's cute face and contrasting body suprised me," "Jungeum's indifferent reaction was sad but thanks to that hot body, I was content," displaying hot reaction.

All this has caused the number of visits to his cyworld to skyrocket.

Source: etoday, [info]thetalkingapple (semi-translated) @ cube_b2st

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