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[SPN EDAILY Reporter Park MiAe] It has been recently reported that the rookie group BEAST’s album ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ has now reached its 40,000 mark in sales.

As per CUBE ENT official, “the sales have been steady since it’s release three months ago.”
It was also brought to music industry’s attention when ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ album sold more than 20,000 mark back in October, which was epic in and of itself, considering success for a rookie musician is usually defined when they reach 10,000 in sales.

Furthermore, they’ve also shown popularity in online music sales as well, which even for seasoned artists usually have difficulty in reaching the 50,000 mark. Now only three month into their debut, further achievements are to be greatly expected for this rookie group.

Having won the Rookie Award at the 19th Seoul Music Awards, BEAST members continue on their individual activities while preparing for their upcoming album.


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