In the midst of a sudden cold wave, popular girl group 4Minute and idol group BEAST spread love to those who are neglected through heartwarming service and an overnight trip.

NongShim®, through their company’s service operation, has worked for the past 10 years with “NongShim Sharing Love Service Club,” which this year on November 2 and 3 presented a special sharing love event with 4minute and BEAST in ‘SoopChaeWon’ in KangWonDo’s HwengSung district (tn: SoopChaeWon is a park area, I believe).

“NongShim Sharing Love Service Club” gathers the strength of popular stars and children nationwide to spread love to those people who are neglected in society through a chosen activity. This year, the hot icons of the new generation 4minute and BEAST, together with SuhKang Specialty School’s welfare operation, met with the physically disabled.

Under the guidance of a special instructor, 4minute and BEAST worked with the physically disabled and used leaves and watercolors for ‘making t-shirts out of leaves,’ ‘recreation,’ and other activities in order to convey the meaning of “sharing love.” They even spent time pushing wheelchairs up the forest park’s path.

credits: B2ST Rising & Kbites

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