In the Asian countries, the popularity of group BEAST and 4minute are rising.

While BEAST's debut song 'Bad Girl' was consecutively charting first place for two weeks in Asian music sections like the Channel [V] Thailand charts, BEAST is awakening a strong blast of wind in Thailand.

The Channel [V] Thailand charts are affiliated with the credibility of not only Thailand, but other Asian countries, and it is a rated indicator that estimates popularity.

Now that BEAST's 'Bad Girl' sat on first place for 2 consecutive weeks in this chart, their 2nd album title song 'Shock' is sitting on sixth place, and while they are expressing their enthusiasm regarding the fact that two of their songs are in rankings, they have a solid sense of their popularity in Thailand.

In addition, regardless of the fact that this is before the start of BEAST's full-scale overseas activities, their trend is noteworthy because they know that this path of their popularity will not rot. As an opportunity this time, we can see that the expected positive reactions of BEAST's overseas promotions will give a spur.

CREDITS: CHOSUN (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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