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After being absent in the idol drama industry for 2 years, Ariel Lin has accepted 2 new dramas this year. The first is ‘Extravagant Challenge’ (Skip Beat) which will resume filming after a one-year break. However, the original male lead Jerry Yan will be replaced by Korean group Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae, and the director will still be Niu Cheng Ze. The other drama that Ariel has accepted is the adapted version of Korean drama ‘Coffee Prince’. She will take on Yoon Eun-Hye’s role, and the male lead is still in discussion.

Last year, Jerry Yan, Ariel Lin were to team up with Director Niu to film idol drama ‘Extravagant Challenge’, and they went all the way to Japan to hold the press conference. Jerry even went to Japan for free to help promote. However, when they returned back to Taiwan, they were informed that the drama would not go ahead, and all their hard work was wasted. Later, there were rumours that the male lead was changed to Wu Zun, and this angered Jerry, and he quit the drama altogether.

Ariel Lin has not starred in an idol drama for quite some time, and fans even went to her management company to protest. Many fans wrote letters to her assistant, and they even directed angry comments at her manager on Ariel’s official website, complaining that their idol is an actress, not a singer. Recently, she is busy preparing for her second album, and also a travel photobook. At the earliest, she will begin filming ‘Extravagant Challenge’ in August. And as for the Taiwanese version of ‘Coffee Prince’, Ariel fell in love with the original Korean drama at the time, so she is definitely anticipating her own performance!

Note from the translator: this is all just rumours at this stage, nothing has been confirmed yet

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