the 7th letter to. fans of Youngwoonie
09.10.20 06:10

hello- I’m Dongsun, Youngwoonie’s friend who has gone to the army..
after sitting for my exam for 2 days 1 night yesterday i came out..
a little late..i heard a heart breaking news-
what a day for Youngwoonie fans..ELF and CAMOMILE i urge you to give Youngwoonie the strength and support he needs..
thanks to ELF while in the army i received letters all the different kinds of snacks book packages thanks to everyone my life in the army was enjoyable..
ELF take good care of me alot but i can’t take care of Youngwoonie i’m sorry-
aren’t ELF tired and full of worries, but you love Youngwoonie and Suju am i right^^?
now instead of calling him writing a letter would be better so i wrote him a letter -
ELF! how you protect them..
i’m envious of youngwoonie and suju for having such awesome fans-
the world’s most awesome fans ELF- i feel embarrassed saying this but..himnae aja aja hwaiting !!
the next time..
i will definitely write on a happy day-

PS. ELF fan Dongsun-
please do not be upset if i don’t reply to the memos and guestbook entries on my minihompy-
going through alot of heartache..ELF and CAMOMILE keep your chin up!
ELF and CAMOMILE are not alone! suju + dongseon..i will always give my support!!
on days when you’re busy and can’t give suju support i will always give my support starting from today all of you are not alone-!
hope your life is filled with happy days!
so in the mean time Suju please smile and ELF can give their support i will do my best for my duties in the army GoGo..

source: camomile
translated by: carolyn @
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