‘Elder’, ‘Game King’, ‘National MC’, ‘Chun-derella’, ‘Kim KookJong’, ‘Clumsy SiYeon’, ‘Young guy’, ‘Sweet YeJin’, ‘Madam bedroom’, ‘Dumb Brothers’ etc were some of the nicknames which were given out in the course of 1 year and 8 months of SBS Family Outing, but it is time to say goodbye.

The last episode of SBS Family Outing was aired on 7th February, and the filming was done in a village in JeonNam BoSeong. The Family members promised one another to spend their last night with cool smiles instead of tears.

And after the night, the Family members also prepared breakfast for over 100 filming staff and said their real ‘goodbye’.

They took their last commemorative photo together with all smiles and thanked one another with “Worked hard” and hugs. Even though all the members were all smiles till the end, ‘Madam Bedroom’ Lee Hyori was seen tearing at the last moment, unable to hold back her tears.

But the Family members continued with their smiles, introduced their nicknames on Family Outing and said ‘Goodbye’.

At the end, DaeSung said, “With that invisible influence. I am going to leave coolly. Smile and annyeong.” showing his bright smile as the maknae.

Meanwhile, with the end of season 1, season 2 will start airing from 21st February.

Meanwhile,preview for season 2!

Credit : K Bites

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