It's that time of the year again when Korean high school students will be taking college entrance exams and it's only fitting that After School sends out a message encouraging all of them to do well!

After School sent out words of encouragement to the high school students who will be stressing out for college entrance exams, telling them not to be nervous, to have a strong heart and to dress warmly on the day of the exam.

Later in the video, leader Gahee states the release day of their mini album to be at the end of November and to listen to their mini album to relieve the stress from studying for the exams.

It's rather cute to hear Bekah speak because they normally don't have her speak in these types of things and it's nice hearing her Korean. So good luck to all those taking college entrance exams and in the words of Bekah, "You can do it! Hwaiting!"

Check out the video below!

Credits: AfterSchoolCraze and SchoolSubs
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