Company called STCUBE released a mobile game called "Kara's Find Wrong Picture" with the use of famous licensing company and released through SK Telecom on the 20th.

Kara's 'Find the Wrong Picture' uses the hidden pictures of the members of Kara in order to view their photo shoots. It also adds a level of tension as the player must find the wrong picture in the time allotted. There are various modes for all levels of players such as 'normal mode' or 'survival mode,' which calls for a higher level of concentration. There is also a 'master mode' that has more hidden faults in the picture. There is even a 'distraction' part in order to increase the level of entertainment in the game.

With the release of the game, STCUBE is holding an open contest because of Korea going to South Africa 2010 World Cup, and through this concert, you get Kara's performance cloth, Kara's shopping mall, "Karaya" money, Nintendo or etc.

Kara's 'Find the Wrong Picture' was game published by SK Networks, and with this release, STCUBE and SK Networks will work together and work with famous idol groups and famous licensing companies and release games near future.

After this release of mobile game, Kara's 'Find the Wrong Picture', the game will soon be release in smart phone application.

credit: Today Korea
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