On February 12, 2010, 11AM at Doositanee Hotel in Bangkok, 4Minute and Universal Music Thailand held a press conference with the press and media for the first time release of the album "For Muzik" in Thailand. 4Minute greeted Thai Fans with a smile, saying "We're 4Minute. Sawadee ka!"

This press conference shows the relationship between Universal Music and Cube Entertainment, the current entertainment labels of 4Minute and BEAST, which are collaborating to open a new Asian music market in both countries.

▲So how does it feel, since this is your first time in Thailand?
JiHyun: We were excited since the plane ride to Thailand. We wondered if there are any 4Minute fans in Thailand, and when we got here, even though it was already pretty late, the fans still came to welcome/see us. Thank you (to the fans).

▲Why is the group called 4Minute, and why do you think that 4Minute is different from other idol groups?
JiYoon: The meaning of 4Minute is, we will capture the hearts of the people within 4 minutes, and what sets us apart from other idol group is that we are a "down to earth" kind of group.

▲How hard was it to make the 'For Muzik' Album? Do you have any stories to share during the production process?
JiHyun: In Korea, there is a superstition that if there is an unexpected incident during or before a big project or event, the project will become a success. And so during the making of the album, we had an unexpected incident where we got in a small car accident.

▲So what are your favorite songs and why?
GaYoon: My favorite song is Muzik, because the beats that are similar to a heart's beat, so when you listen to the song, it sounds like your heart is beating together with the beats of the song.
SoHyun: I like the song call What a Girl Wants, because it’s the sexiest song on the album.
HyunAh: My favorite song is For Muzik, because it has a nice meaning to it, the lyrics means that we made this song only for you (for the fans).
JiHyun: I like Hot Issue the most, because it was our debut song. Before we were able to debut with this song, we had to go through many hardships.
JiYoon: Actually, I like every song in the album, but if I'm asked to choose then I'll probably pick Won't Give You (Anjullae), because it was the first song that I've rapped. I practiced very hard for the rap so I grew to love the song.

▲You have only recently arrived in Thailand, but do you know any Thai Words?
4Minute: 4Minute Su Su (4Minute Fighting), Hlor Jung Loey (so handsome), Sawadee Pee Mai Ka (Happy New Years, Ruk Na..Joob Joob (Love you..kiss kiss), Dee Yieam (Good/Very Good), Hlor Mak Mak (VERY handsome)

▲If you have an extra day in Thailand what do you want to do?
JiHyun: We heard that the King (of Thailand) is ill right now, so if we have an extra day we want to go visit him to see how well he is recovering.
Media and Press: *applause*

▲So what type of guys do you like? What do you look for in a man?
GaYoon: In the song What a Girl Wants, there was a part in the lyrics where it said to hold hands and intertwine them because it shows your love for each other.
SoHyun: Also from a part of the lyrics of What a Girl Wants, it says that when you speak to each other you look at each other in the eyes. It's your eyes that is filled with/shows your love for each other.
HyunAh: I like a guy that is older and is like my father, because my father has a very friendly personality and takes care of me very well, also because I can be a little whiny.
JiHyun: I like a guy with a good sense of humor and a bright personality.
JiYoon: I like guys like PK (PK was the MC for the press conference), really funny and handsome as well, haha.

▲Do you have any surprise for your fans?
JiHyun: Well we've prepared the songs in the album, so I hope the fans will take a look and buy it.

▲Usually, Thai fans would abbreviate the names of artist into nicknames, but the members of 4Minute have names that are kind of hard to pronounce, how do you guys call each other (what are your nicknames)?
SoHyun: Actually I think the names that we make for each other are even harder to remember since we included our last names: NamJi, HeoGa, JeonJi, KimHyun, KwonSo.

▲Since HyunAh is currently doing solo promotions, are there any plans on the others having a solo as well?
JiHyun: Well right now we haven't really planned anything but in the future the members will definitely have their own solos, since everyone wants to show their talents/skills. (oh yes! woohoo!!)

▲Even though on the 14th, many celebrate it as Valentine's Day, but it's Korea's Lunar New Year, so can you say a message to the Koreans living in Thailand?
4Minute: (In Thai) We are 4Minute, Sawadeeka. We hope everyone is in good health and Happy New Year 2010!

▲This Sunday is Valentine's day and New Year, can you send a message to the fans (fans as in all fans: Thai, Korean, etc.)
4Minute: (In Thai) We are 4Minute Happy New Years.
HyunAh: Also, thank you for inviting us to come to Thailand on New Year, we feel very honoured to be here and to have a chance of meeting everyone. We hope everyone will have fun with us in Thailand.
JiHyun: And for 4Minute, it's also a treasured and memorable experience to be able to come here and do activities in Thailand.

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