Plus new song teaser on the site!

TITLE TRACK: "I was crazy for you" ???? Possibility?
DL Link:

Source: 2pm JYPE & Credits for DL links twoPMs @2oneday

Plus, new sneak peek into their jacket cover.

Explanation for the screencaps by Saradah:

These are screen caps someone made for a preview for 2PM's first interview after Jaebum's departure.
I think they were interviewed while doing the album jacket photo shoot.
It says in the screen cap that it will air on the 7th at 3pm and again on the 11th at 11pm(?)
In the corner of the screen cap it says:
2PM after Jaebum's withdrawal
First exclusive interview after the resumption of their activities

Credits: DC Gallery (Source); saradah@2oneday (Trans)
2pmJypNewsPark jaebeom

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