2PM will end their album promotions and fly to the States in June.
Currently promoting the album ‘Without U’, the group has been promoting as 4 members as member JunSu is down with knee injury and ChanSung hospitalized for enteritis.
A JYP Entertainment rep revealed, “Even though we have planned for the goodbye stages this week, the situation don’t allow. The album promotions will end naturally and the boys will  be flying to the States in June.” 2PM will be doing opening guest appearances for WonderGirls’ American concert tour.
Also, member TaecYeon will fly to the States with the member after his current drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ comes to an end on 3rd June. The JYP rep also added that the boys’ individual activities like MC on SBS Inkigayo, on Family Outing 2 and on KBS WinWin will go on as usual even though they are going to be touring with the Wonder Girls.
Meanwhile, after touring with the WonderGirls, the boys will return to Korea to prepare for their own concert.
Credits: Kbites
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