Korea is like my second home. He said, "both Thailand and Korean feel like my home" as he revealed the same strong affection for both countries.

On the 15th at the Thailand Radisson Plaza Hotel, "Let's Take a Break" fan club trip to Phucket with Nichkhun meeting was held.

Here, Nichkhun said, "In Thailand, my family is here and so it's warm and happy. And in Korea, the people that are like family are his (2PM) members, office (JYPE) family, and fans and so he's also happy there."

Nichkhun expressed gratitude to the Korean fans who showed love and interest in him even as a foreigner.

"I came from a different country, so it's so fascinating to see how much love I receive. To show my gratitude, my desire to work even harder has grown. I will work harder in the future." What he shared got a lot of attention.

Nichkhun, the Thai American, came to Korean 4 years ago to become a singer. Now, he's a member of a popular group doing activities. But when he was younger, because he was shy and had a quiet personality, they couldn't have imagined him singing on stage with so many people watching him.

"When I was young, I couldn't even sing in front of my father and mother. Now my father looks a me says that I'm doing well and has asked me to show him my good work," he shared.

Nichkhun, again, shared that he would like to travel to Phucket with his 2PM members. "The members really love the beach, if there's a chance, I really want to come to Phucket with the members." He never forgot his love for his (2PM) members.

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