College students choose the singers, talents and actors whom they like the most.

A survey was done by Campus Life and Korea university newsletter from 1st till 15th September on 1,707 college studies and they chose Kim MyungMin as their favourite talent, Ha JungWoo as the favourite actor and group 2PM as their favourite singers.

Go under the cut to find out which entertainers are voted on the survey.

On choosing their favourite singer:

  1. 2PM (9% of votes)
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae (4.5%)
  3. Rain (4%)

Favourite talent:

  1. Kim MyungMin (3.9%)
  2. Go HyunJung (3.9%)
  3. Kim TaeHee (3.5%)

Favourite actors

  1. Ha JungWoo (7.3%)
  2. Ahn SungGi (5.6%)
  3. Jang DongGun, Song GangHo(5.2%)

Most respected foreigner

  1. President Obama (12.8%)

Favourite politician

  1. Late President Roh MooHyun (10.6%)

Favourite entrepreneur

  1. Samsung ex president Lee GunHee (21.6%)

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